Introducing the NEW Zilmet USA ZEP-1 Stainless Steel Expansion Tank and Shock Arrester for Tankless and POU Water heaters with 2 gallons or less of total water volume.

Most tankless water heater manufacturers require a thermal expansion tank with their water heaters when a backflow preventer is required.  The compact ZEP-1 is the perfect solution for providing thermal expansion protection in tight places.  Stainless steel construction and NSF 61 certified. 

Check out this link to our ZEP1 demo video  Zilmet ZEP1 Wand Demo - YouTube  

Table for pressure v volume for the ZEP1:


Air Pressure (psi)  Volume (mL)
0 173
20 150
40 136
60 91
80 73
100 55
120 18
140 5
150 0