Zilmet has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high quality diaphragm well tanks, producing over 7 million tanks annually.  Zilmet well tanks differ from our competition in two important ways:

  • They feature the stainless steel side connection which allows for a quicker, less expensive installation
  • And the Zilmet Hydro Plus well tanks are typically shorter and wider than that of our competition, which leads to less stretching of the diaphragm, which leads to longer life


Other features of the Zilmet Hydro Plus well tanks are:

  • 150 psi  working pressure, the highest in the industry
  • All Zilmet Hydro Plus tanks are NSF 61 certified
  • Epoxy powder coated finish for a longer lasting, more durable finish
  • Zilmet manufactures all of our own diaphragms, thus each tank’s diaphragm is specifically designed for that sized tank
  • 5 year warranty on all Hydro Plus well tanks


Zilmet also offers well tank accessories unique to the Zilmet Hydro Plus well tanks. Please see the accessory page in literature section of our resource guide.