Zilmet has also developed a series of innovative and special expansion tanks for solar Energy systems.  The SOLAR line of tanks was developed according to the DIN 4757 and is satisfies the requests of the most important manufacturers of solar energy systems. 

Our solar offering consists of: 

  • SOLAR-PLUS tanks 

  • VSG (the additional intermediate tanks) 


  • Accessories 

SOLAR-PLUS: in the solar circuit, the particularly high temperature requires heat relief. The solar liquid reaches temperatures higher than 392°F. evaporates, and can reach the solar station damaging essential parts such as pumps, fittings, gaskets and above all the tank membrane. For SOLAR-PLUS expansion vessels Zilmet has developed the ZILAN membrane, that can withstand temperature of 212°F. ZILAN is a high temperature membrane made of synthetic rubber, product of decades of experience in installing Zilmet expansion vessels in solar collector systems. ZILAN synthetic rubber membrane is specifically designed for SOLAR-PLUS expansion vessels. 

VSG ADDITIONAL INTERMEDIATE TANKS: These tanks are equipped with entry and exit connections and is placed before the solar expansion tank. This tank provides heat dispersion by reducing the working temperature and therefore greatly increasing the life of the tank. 

SOLAR-PLUS SAFE: is a new series with an advanced concept - particularly where space is a problem:  Solar-Plus Safe combines a Solar-Plus with a VSG tank. All included in a vertical tank that allows a 40% reduction in require space and a 50% reduction in installation time. 

ACCESSORIES: for solar Energy systems we have a complete line of accessories such as: 

  • Clamps 

  • Quick-fix wall brackets for small tanks and also those with stands 

  • Butterfly valve (3/4"NPT and 1"NPT)  

  • Flexible hose from 19 to 35 1/2 inches 

  • Analogic or digital manometers 

  • SOLAR KIT that includes wall brace, 19 1/2 inch flexible hose,  2 x ¾" NPT fittings and solar valve.